Pacha Mama solar stage is the perfect place for live music, poetry and performance. The new Ger stage with open sides.

We welcome bands and performers to book sessions on the stage and also reserve some spots for more casual "open mic" sessions.


If you would like to play at Pacha Mama this summer please get in touch to discuss availability and your requirements.

A great place for live music..


Pacha Mama is known through-out the festival curcuit as a unique participatory music venue and hosts a beautiful space for late night music jams and creative collaboration. We bring with us a host of instruments for public use and invite anyone to join in and have a go! 

Truely DIY spaces such as this are a rare treat these days but we believe they are what make a festival special. Long Live the Temporary Autonomous Zone!


We also provide space for music and theatre workshops, yoga and tai chi classes and bhajan singing. If you would like to hold a ceremony or workshop in Pacha Mama at any of the festivals we attend please get in touch.


A great place to join in..


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