We serve a wide selection of sweet and savory, gluten free buckwheat crepes. Try our cheese, spinach and shitake mushroom crepe for a great brunch or perhaps summer berries, maple syrup & cream, many other filling options available


Organic, fairtrade and single origin coffees A selection of herbal and black teas and of course there will always be a pot of masala chai brewing.


     &        SWEETS

  We have a range of raw, gluten free and vegan cakes as well as handmade energy bars and chocolates & our famous raw chocolate-avocado cake!


We serve a hot meal every evening. Favourites include; squash and coconut, chickpea curry, Morrocan vegetable tagine and Mexican bean chilli. come and check out our daily menu. providing one wholesome meal and avoiding complex menus means we can make a meal that is affordable for everyone.


Stone baked Pizza, with a perfectly thick, garlic & oregano crust, a choice of tomato or pesto sauce & topped to the max our pizzas our made to please, toppings include locally grown shitake mushrooms,  grilled aubergine, spinach, egg, basil, olives, mozzarella, parmesan or feta. Sorry there will be no pinapple.