PACHAMAMA cafe's story began in 2006 in the Tipi fields of Glastonbury Festival and has successfully travelled the UK and Irish festival circuits, The name Pachamama comes from the Quechua people of the Peruvian Andes and translate to Earth/Time mother. The sacred central fire has always offered a welcoming and cosy spot to meet old friends and new, a known hang out for performing artists & musicians and a well-loved part of the festival, a space to perform & create music together or simply sit back and soak up the atmosphere and be entertained.


Devon based gatherings to celebrate the changing seasons on the Solstice’s, Equinox’s and the quarter festivals of Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas & Samhain, a coming together with optional, Sauna, Catering, Bar and Entertainment,

We will soon be hosting Hand-fasting ceremonies so if you have a sacred union planned please get intouch.

We are also available for private hire for parties or other events,  


We would love to host events in the Devon area and are always looking for new beautiful land with access to a  natural water source, good access & parking




MUSIC is at the heart of what we do at Pacha Mama

Many of the crew are experienced local musicians with backgrounds in world music. We are also able to invite a variety of musical talent, jesters & bards who have performed in the pastand welcome more.

We have built a 6m Mongolian Ger stage with open sides to be the open mic stage at festivals this pods off the back of the big lodge, we also have a whole array of musical instruments for public use, to start or simply join the jam in a held musical space,

THE CAFE has run successfully with the gift economy principles, meaning that all food and drinks are offered at suggested donation. We believe that when you "Give what you feel"  everyone can afford to be there and the magic happens.

Serving wholesome vegetarian and vegan food, we make sure to bring you the best in locally and responsibly sourced produce. All our teas and organic coffees are fairtrade and rainforest alliance certified because it's all about the Mama!



BOOK Pacha Mama can be booked for festivals and private events. Our Tipi "Village" is flexible in size and shape and perfect for gatherings large and small. We provide beautiful bespoke spaces for workshops, ceremonies, hand-fasting, retreats and other celebrations. there is a selection of furnishings options available and the new sauna will be ready Sept 2019.

    ♥ RUN ON

OFF GRID - Pachamama can run completely off grid making it possible to attend or create an event in almost any location, we have a Solar system consisting of 4 x 260w of solar panels running through an Outback controller to optimise power, 6x ex forklift batteries, a 2,5kw sine-wave inverter for the 240v requirements, This solar system produces 930amps and has fitted our requirements in all weather conditions.