PACHAMAMA is a solar-powered music venue, organic chai cafe and sauna, We have 3 Tipi’s that are inter-linked with internal archways creating an 18m x7m internal space with a central fire that’s feed responsibly with kiln dried hardwoods, this creates a unique relaxed atmosphere for an eclectic mix of acoustic music, poetry, storytelling comedy & jamming late into the night. we also bring a host of musical instruments with us to share.


MUSIC Most of the crew are experienced local musicians with backgrounds in world music. We are also able to invite a variety of musical talent, jesters & bards who have performed in the past.


STAGE We have built a 6m Mongolian Ger stage with open sides, instead of the usual trellis there are 8 Douglas fir uprights holding the roof wheel this has been used as the open mic stage at festivals and links to the back of the big lodge,

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